About Us

Steele Traill County Mutual Insurance was organized January 1, 2006 with the merging of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Traill County and Steele County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company.  We are a mutual company.  Every policyholder is a member of the company and as such is entitled to a vote at the annual meeting held on a day within the last 10 days of March, at 6:00 P.M in Steele County in even numbered years and in Traill County in odd numbered years.   Properties insurable and types of insurance available are:  Homeowners multi-peril, fire and wind, broad form extended coverage on farm property, non-farm residential property, mobile homes, and seasonal dwellings.  Scheduled farm personal property insurance, farm liability and comprehensive personal liability insurance are also available.

The company is directed by the board of directors and the company’s manager.  The directors are elected at the annual meeting and serve a three-year term.  The manager is in charge of underwriting, claims settlement, policy interpretation, business development, accounting and data processing.

Our Goal

Steele Traill County Mutual Insurance Company’s aim is to provide high quality, low cost insurance products to farm, ranch, and small town residents in North Dakota, while maintaining local control and reinvesting in ourselves.  Above all we provide “peace of mind” in the face of random catastrophic acts of God and man with the will and resources to restore our members to pre-loss status.  Steele Traill County Mutual will balance the interest of the company, its policyholders, and agents in a manner resulting in financial security, growth and mutual benefits for all parties.

Our Staff

Amy Czapiewski Manager [email protected]
Katelyn Midstokke Customer Service Agent/Claims [email protected]
Magen Haugen Underwriting [email protected]


The Board of Directors

The board consists of six member directors from Steele and Traill Counties and the surrounding area.  Steele Traill County Mutual is proud to list the name and telephone number of each of the directors and urges our agency force to open and maintain a working dialogue with your local member or any member director listed below.

  • Mark Kloster; President
  • Lynn Carlson; Vice President
  • David Mehus
  • Eric Gunderson
  • Barb Huus
  • Brad Dewald

The Board has responsibility for development of policy and establishing operational guidelines.  Board members are elected by the membership and should therefore represent the interest of the policyholder.  They must also take the initiative to keep the company sound and competitive.